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Effortlessly Extract and Digitize Real Estate Documents with Intics

The commercial real estate industry deals with many crucial physical documents that are often lengthy, making data extraction and digitization costly and time-consuming. By utilizing Intics’ advanced data capture capabilities, real estate industry professionals can streamline their workflows and save time, allowing them to focus on critical tasks such as client engagement and deal-making.

These unstructured documents can include various types of records, such as letters of intent, offering memorandums, property valuation and appraisal reports, bid documents, sale agreements, leases, mortgage documents, property deeds, loan documents, as well as visual assets such as layouts, designs, and pictures.

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Real Estate Document Processing Made Easy With Intics

Intics software is designed to help real estate companies streamline their document processing workflows by automating data capture and digitization. The software is designed to capture and extract various data types in real estate documents, including property details, lease terms, rental rates, and other essential data points. One of the key benefits of the Intics software is its ability to accurately capture and extract data from a wide range of document types.