How do you go from anything to analytics?

Interested to find out what’s under the hood? Here’s a quick look at how Intics delivers on its promise and takes your STP/NTP rates to the next level. Intics processes and archives your legacy documents to generate cachable data that can be analysed for insights and intrinsic information assets. We begin with a reliable and accurate data extraction process, followed by validation, that culminates with exploring valuable insights.

Speed Up Document Processing to Transform Data into Insights Instantly

Intics understands and captures any text (printed or handwritten), table, picture, logo, photograph, or map available in any format – Document, PDF, or Image.

The Intics Suite

Pre-trained ML models to transform any format into accurate and actionable data at scale, at speed, and on budget.

Integrate data extraction with enterprise data to generate real-time insights and drive accurate decision-making.

Connect all the dots in your data ecosystem to extract value from the intrinsic information assets of your enterprise.

Intics Delivers

Reliable and precise data extraction and validation from all types of documents - structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.
Continuous process automation and ‘Human in Loop’ expert validation for document exception workflows.
Apt categorization of documents without spending too much time and expenses on set-up and training.
Seamless integration with workflow applications and RPAs via REST APIs.