Turn Pixel-Based
Physical Assets into
Valuable Data

Turn Pixel-Based Physical Assets into Valuable Data

Intics PIXEL

Helps organizations quickly and cost-effectively transform valuable data from Pixel-based physical assets such as documents, PDF files and image files into "Programmable Data".
Captures data from any type of asset, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.
Uses advanced pre-trained visual NLP models that don't require training data or additional effort to recognize and categorize documents and assets. This technology works for most use cases and document formats, achieving higher accuracy and faster transformation.
Utilizes cognitive data capture technology and document AI technology to categorize documents, recognize assets and capture data at scale with minimum errors.
Ensures comprehensive and error-free recognition, categorization, extraction, and data validation.

The Intics PIXEL Workflow

Pre-trained Models

Delivering Difference through Excellent Data Processing and Exception Handling

Intics PIXEL offers an “out of the box” ETL capability that simplifies the creation of data pipelines by connecting to source documents for processing at scale. Additionally, Intics PIXEL facilitates continuous process automation and incorporates “Human in the Loop” expert validation for exceptional workflows.