Seamlessly Integrate
All Your Data Assets
with Intics LAKE

Seamlessly Integrate All Your Data Assets with Intics LAKE

Intics LAKE

Serving as a central hub for all data assets in an enterprise, including physical assets, captured data, and application data.
Providing a unified platform for data integration and empowering customers to extract maximum value from their available data assets.
Complimenting Intics PIXEL and Intics PROCESS to help organizations explore valuable relationships between extracted data and source documents and programmable data captured from pixel-based assets.
Facilitating accurate and efficient decision-making ultimately leads to business growth and customer success.

Empowering Businesses With Valuable Information

source of origin

Source of Origin

Digital version of the asset in its original form

source of truth

Source of Truth

Source data in programmable form linked with Source of Origin

system of record

System of Record

Programmable data that is used by the applications

Providing organizations access to the following insights:

Number of assets
Type of assets
Number of pages captured and much more

Offering access to these insights about extracted data-source relationships:

Physical locations
Asset identity and Asset category
Asset type and much more

Ultimate Solution for Image Asset Mapping and REST API Integration

Intics LAKE offers a comprehensive solution for mapping image assets with their respective sources, which is essential for efficient data management. With Intics LAKE, organizations can query attributes such as file type (extension), image type (photograph, map, QR code, etc.), and date to create a comprehensive map of their image assets.

In addition, Intics LAKE offers REST APIs that provide seamless integration between the captured data and the organization’s workflow and RPA (robotic process automation) applications. This allows organizations to leverage the full potential of their data assets, making their operations more efficient and streamlined.