Impact is in the Details

Intics is an all-inclusive solution empowering you to master document processing and data management. Intelligent data recognition, extraction, and validation are just a click away.

An Unparalleled Document Processing and Data Integration Platform

An Unparalleled Document Processing and Data Integration Platform
Intics is more than an intelligent document processing or cognitive data capture solution.  

While customers often desire to extract, capture, and utilize programmable data from their documents, they need much more. We recognize that customers today need help with integrating their documents with enterprise data stores to take full advantage of the valuable data they contain.

Intics eliminates this concern by bringing the customers’ data to life and helping them fully understand the relationships between the data and the source documents. This way, they can become true experts in managing their documents and the data they contain.

What Makes Intics Unique?

Intics stands out by simplifying the process for its customers to integrate their document repository.
There’s no need for complicated and time-consuming configurations; customers just need to point Intics to their document repository. Furthermore, Intics takes a unique approach by integrating source documents into its Data Lake from the start. This means that valuable connections to the source documents and the documents themselves are available immediately, allowing previously impossible insights to be delivered.

In the banking sector, Intics boosts revenue for customers in the following ways: