Revolutionizing Document Processing for Financial Institutions

Streamlined Document Management Solutions for the Financial Industry

In the financial industry, documentation is vital in almost every transaction between institutions and their customers. This includes transactions with banks, insurance companies, lenders, and other financial service providers. Both physical and electronic documents are used to record the details of these transactions, and the data contained within them is essential for managing, analyzing, and growing customer relationships.

Intics offers a powerful document automation platform designed specifically for financial institutions. This cloud-based or on-premise platform provides institutions with a solution to extract, transform, digitize, process, store, and automate data from every document quickly and accurately.

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Account Opening

Account Opening

Know your computer compliance

Know Your Customer Compliance

Mortgage Processing

Mortgage Processing

Financial Instrument Applicaion Processing

Financial Instrument Application Processing

Computer Data Extraction

Customer Data Extraction

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Identifying upselling opportunities

Identifying Upselling Opportunities

Identifying cross - selling opportunities

Identifying Cross-Selling Opportunities

Highly Configurable & Customizable Document Automation Platform

Intics document automation platform allows institutions to customize the solution to their unique requirements. It can integrate with existing systems and workflows, enabling a seamless transition to a more efficient and automated document processing system. The platform can be configured to work with different data formats and file types, ensuring data is easily accessible and processed quickly and accurately.